Nankai Heritage

The story of Nankai begins with Mr. Quek Ha Geok – a man who through his exceptional linguistic ability was able to win the hearts of many people back in his day. Just like many Singaporeans, the Japanese occupation changed his life, but in ways that he probably never expected. It was then that he learned a valuable skill, a craft, which he would later pass down to the next generations as his heritage.

This craft, of course, refers to leatherworking. However, as Mr. Quek Ha Geok was no ordinary man, he tried to veer away from the traditional leatherworks made of cow hide by focusing his energies into perfecting the art of leatherworking using exotic skins: Crocodile skin, Python skin, Ostrich skin, and even Monitor Lizard skin. It is from his masterful art that Nankai was born, producing the highest quality and widest range of accessories that are made from exotic leather skins. Our specialty lies in the creation of leather bags made of crocodile skin.

Today, Nankai is one of the most-renowned world-class brands of Singapore. It has gone through several developments over the years, yet its commitment to provide you with only top-notch luxury items have not changed.

It is through our designer leather handbags and other products that we continue to share with you our knowledge and skill in exotic skin leatherworking just as Mr. Quek Ha Geok shared it with us; and hopefully just like you will share it to the next generations.

That is the Nankai Heritage.